Matt Smith has said that there is something in The Eleventh Hour that will be Connected to the way that Amy and Rory leave the series.  I have tried to gather up all the theories I have heard.

If you have one I’ve missed please let me know Also, let me know your thoughts on each.

1. Rory’s Badge –> Why is the issue date 1990? The year is 2008. Amy was born in 1989 and I think Rory is supposed to be the same age. So he would have gotten badge when he was only 1 year old. (Possible)

2. The scene in the hospital where all the coma patients are crying out “Doctor” –> Rory assumed they were calling for the hospital doctor. What if they were all calling out for THE DOCTOR!! It always seemed strange that they were all saying “Doctor” just like everyone was in “The Last of the Time Lords” (Possible)

3. The clock in Amelia’s Kitchen –> In the scene between Amelia and the Doctor stays at 8:32 for the entire scene except for the point where the Doctor is looking through the cupboard for custard. At that point changes to 9:00. But once back at the table, it returns to 9:32. Is this a glitch? Or is time standing still? (Possible)

4. TARDIS sound –> Amy is dreaming of being Amelia waiting for the DOCTOR and the sound of the TARDIS materializing wakes her from her dream. Have you ever had a dream where something is beeping and you search everywhere and can’t find it, and then realize it is your alarm clock trying to wake you up? (Unlikely)

5. Shadow in Kitchen –> The shadow was the Doctor. Remember in the Big Bang when the Doctor (while being removed from time) carries young Amelia into the house and puts her to bed? The Doctor came from inside the house. If you watch the commentary for the Eleventh Hour on the DVD, Steven says it is Matt that runs past. (Unlikely)

6. Duck Pond –> I believe it has been stated that it is not the duck pond. Originally Moffat was going to have a scene in THE BIG BANG with the ducks returning to the pond. It would have been explained that the cracks in time took the ducks form the pond. But, time ran out and the scene had to be cut from the script. (Unlikely)

7. Mrs. Angelo –> Seems she is wearing the same broach that River was at Amy’s wedding. This had lead people to ask if it is significant or just a coincidence. The Doctor says “Never ignore a coincidence. Unless you are in a hurry, then always ignore a coincidence.” Some theories out there are…

–> Future Version of River –> Not likely. We have seen River’s “death”.
–> River’s Daughter –> Don’t think so.
–> Future Version of Amy –> Don’t think so.

8. TARDIS spiraling to Earth –> In the opening, The Doctor regenerates and realizes he is crashing. The “present” year is 2005. (He just left Rose, remember and it is Jan 1st 2005). The TARDIS tumbles to EARTH, and crashes in Amelia’s yard. Amelia has just stated (in her prayer to Santa) that “it is Easter now”. Which makes the date Easter 1996. Easter Sunday was April 7th that year. So is was sometime after April 1996. Did something else happen on that spiral down? (I don’t think this means anything special. We all know the TARDIS can travel in TIME as well as SPACE.)